FITE is the app that let’s you enjoy MMA, professional wrestling, boxing, Muay Thai and traditional martial arts right on the screen of your TV – when you want to and where you want to. FITE is born out of our passion for combat sports as well as our frustration of huddling over the small screen. At FITE, we believe that watching combat sports shows on the big screen of your TV, or your friend’s TV, or any TV that’s WiFi connected, should be as simple as switching the TV channel.

If you’re a publisher or content owner evaluating cooperation opportunities, please email us at info@fite.tv. For general support or if you want to share your FITE experience with us, please email us at support@fite.tv

Our offices:

626 RXR Plaza
Suite 6737
Uniondale, NY 11556
51 Alexander Malinov Blvd, Entr. A
1712 Sofia



Flipps is funded by Earlybird Venture Capital, Tim Draper, LAUNCHub, and Aslanoba Capital.