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April 19, 2018

Booker T is sending out autographed photos to first 100 buyers of Reality of Wrestling PPV on FITE this weekend

As we have announced during the big Mania Weekend and it's worth a repeat, Reality of Wrestling makes its Pay Per View debut exclusively on FITE this coming weekend with the big pro wrestling extravaganza The Last Stand which took place 4/12 in Booker T's World Gym Arena, TX.

A main event of 20-man last stand rumble will gather all ROW stars in a quest to get a shot at a Reality of Wrestling singles championship of choice. ROW Championship is up for grabs as Gino defends against #1 contender Ryan Davidson. Also featuring Disco Inferno making his debut, Sheeva debuts against Angela, and more.

WWE Hall of Famer and Reality of Wrestling founder Booker T is giving away personally signed photographs for the first 100 buyers of the show on FITE. The cards will be delivered to you door at no extra cost.