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April 10, 2020

FITE+ Subscription on FITE

Earlier this week FITE+ was officially announced and brought into the light.
Now it's time to talk about it - what is it, what can you expect and why exactly should you be excited.

FITE+ is our very own subscription service

FITE has been known to have some great subscription services available - from AEW Plus through HonorClub & much more. It's been pretty clear that fans have an appetite for exciting VOD libraries as well as perks and all other sorts of goodies.

It's exactly that experience that FITE has gained that helped in building this new way of consuming content - the FITE+ subscription.
Here is what you can expect:

  • Unlimited On-Demand access to a huge library of select promotions on the FITE platform. Well over 25 organizations have made their content available to subscribers.
  • The library continues to grow! It's simple - 30 days after a PPV has passed and it is from one of the promotions on FITE+, it becomes instantly available to subscribers.
  • The organizations included in FITE+ are some of the industry's most exciting promotions! Watch content from Brave FC, CZW, WOW, Shamrock, BKB, Diamondback, Star Boxing, UCMMA, FSW, Unified MMA & much more.
  • Each and every month FITE+ subscribers get $2 credits upon subscription renewal! For those subscribed to a full year of FITE+, they will get $26 credits in total. FITE credits can be used to make purchases on the platform. The more credits you have, the more expensive products you can afford.
  • Everyone subscribed to FITE+ will get a completely Ad-Free experience.
  • FITE+ includes a 7-day FREE trial.
  • FITE+ can be canceled at any time.

All this & more on FITE+!


How to subscribe to FITE+

Getting started is very easy. You can go to this page right here or navigate to it through our SUBSCRIPTIONS section on the FITE website.
Once on the FITE+ page, you're presented with two subscription options. A monthly option priced at $4.99 per month and a yearly option, priced at $49.99 per year. Both options include a 7-day FREE trial.
Clicking on any of the blue "Start 7 day FREE trial!" buttons will get you set up. Just follow the simple process and you're all set!
From there, watching the content that comes with your subscription is very simple.Scrolling down the page you'll notice three sections - MMA, Pro Wrestling and Boxing. Each is full with the most current content available to FITE+ subscribers. Clicking on the "More" option will direct you to the full catalog of events for the specific genre.
Another way to get to a FITE+ event would be through the navigation of the site - be it search or the schedule. Events available on FITE+ are marked with a yellow FITE+ icon.

FITE+ is simple, easy and very rich in content

With this subscription service we've provided the users with another way to use FITE and discover content. The value of FITE+ is quite strong. The yearly subscription costs as much as a PPV while granting you access to hundreds of hours of content.

FITE wants users to get the most bang for their buck - FITE+ is a great alternative for people who would like to watch massive amounts of VOD content.

Join FITE+ today! Watch all the fighting your heart desires!