Q:  I’m new to FITE. What is it for?

A: FITE is a digital combat sports network that brings you the best and widest selection of combat sports from all around the world. You can watch free events and PPV events live and on- demand as well as our large selection of daily shows, exclusives, interviews and community videos. With the FITE app, you can watch on your mobile phone or tablet and even cast to your connected TV, streaming device, game console and more. You can also watch online at www.FITE.tv.

Q:  How does it work?

A: Download the FITE app in the iOS app store or the Android Goolge Play store. Open the app, find the fight you’d like want to watch and a menu will appear.  If you have a connected TV or streaming device on the same network, it will be shown as an option to view on. If there isn’t a connected decice to cast to, you can watch on your mobile device. If you have any problems or questions, contact our support team who can help you with set up.

Q: Can I watch FITE on my TV?

A: Absolutely! Streaming to your connected TV and streaming devices is our specialty! Just download the FITE app from the iOS App Store or Android Google Play on your mobile device, connect your mobile device to the same Wi-Fi network as your TV, start the FITE mobile app and select TV Connect Wizard from the Account menu. FITE automatically discovers and connects to your TV. Now sit back and watch on the big screen! We are continuously working to add support for even more devices.

Q: How do I know if FITE will work with my TV or device?

A: Your TV has to support DLNA as a Renderer and you can check this from here. You can also stream to the following devices: Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku, Fire TV, Xbox One/360 or try our website. We also have a preview option on every event and you can do test streams with all of our free shows. And if you still have a problem our support is always here to help.

Q: Why I don’t see the FITE channel on my Roku?

A: You don’t need a FITE channel on your Roku, FITE streams direct! Just download the FITE app from the iOS App Store or Android Google Play on your mobile device, connect your mobile device to the same WiFi network as your Roku, start the FITE mobile app and select TV Connect Wizard from the Account menu. FITE automatically discovers and connects to your Roku. Now sit back and watch on the big screen!

Q: How do I purchase events?

A: Browse our library or live events, video on-demand, documentaries, etc. For each PPV program or event you will see the price as well as a purchase and purchase with credits option. Selecting purchase will take you to your app store and you can make the purchase there. Choosing purchase with credits will take you to our credits menu which you can use for PPV events.

Q: When I buy a live event, can I watch it later or do I have to pay again?

A:   You can absolutely watch it again later. FITE offers lifetime replays on PPV purchases so you can re-live the action over and over with family and friends, no additional purchase necessary.

Q: If I start watching an hour after the live event air time, can I watch it from the beginning?

A: Live events stream in real-time, so you will join the event in progress. Once the event is over replays are usually available within 1-3 hrs depending on run time and a few other factors. We work as fast as possible to make replays available as quickly as possible.

Q: If I purchase a PPV program online can I still watch it on my connected TV or streaming device or do I need to watch from a computer?

A: Yes. We use your email address to sync the purchases between web, app and various devices. Please make sure that the email address you used to purchase the program (and where you received your purchase confirmation) is the same email address you are using for your FITE app account. If it still doesn’t work or you don’t have access to the email you used please contact us immediately at support@fite.tv.

Q: When I purchase a PPV event or program, does it go to a personal library of mine so I’ve lifetime access to it to watch whenever I want?

A:  Yes. Once you’ve purchased a program, you can go to the FITE account menu>Bookmarked & Purchased to see and play the events and programs you’ve bookmarked and purchased.

Q: Are you planning on adding WWE/UFC/NJPW to FITE?

A: As the world’s premiere combat sports network, we are constantly working with all of the top promotions and content providers to bring FITE fans the best combat sports has to offer. Follow us on social media @FITETV for announcements!

Q: Is there a way to watch PPV events for free?

A: Yes. There are two ways to earn PPV credits and watch PPV events for free:

  1. 24hr Welcome Bonus – As a new user of FITE, if you order a PPV event within the first 24hrs of installing the FITE app and signing up with FITE, you will receive the same amount of your purchase in credits to watch future PPV events and programs.
  2. Referral Program – Earn credits by inviting a friend to FITE. You can do this by going to the FITE account menu>Invite a Friend>Facebook or Email. Alternatively you can click the “Watch with a friend” button located at the top of the screen when you start to play a program in the FITE app. When a friend signs up from your invite he/she starts with 20 credits which can be used for a PPV purchase. After your friend’s first purchase you get 20 credits in your account. There is no limit to the number of friends you can invite!

Q: Why do I sometimes experience interruption or buffering of the program stream?

A: Please check if your devices have the best possible internet connection and that other devices aren’t using the bulk of your connection’s bandwidth. If the issue persists please contact our support for help.

Q: How can I add my own content to FITE?

A1: For Users: From the FITE app, navigate to the Community Channel/Tab and click the Upload button.

A2: For promoters: email info@fite.tv to inquire about having your events streamed on FITE.

Q: What can I do to support FITE?

A: There are many ways to help support FITE:

  1. Download and use the app
  2. Tell your friends about FITE through referral program/invite a friend to watch
  3. Become an affiliate by visiting https://www.fite.tv/fite-affiliate-program/
  4. Follow us on social @FITETV and spread the word to friends and family

Q: How can I delete my account?

A: Write to support@fite.tv