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3's Company - BIG3 Summer of Fire 2023

Mario Chalmers Captain
Michael Beasley Co-Captain
Brandon Rush Co-Captain
Hollis Thompson Player
Julian Wright Player
Michael Cooper Coach

Following a disappointing 2021 campaign, 3's Company made bold moves to revamp their roster. While Coach Michael Cooper and Captain Mario Chalmers remained at the helm, the team underwent a complete overhaul, introducing a fresh lineup of players. Among the notable additions was the highly anticipated rookie, Michael Beasley, who arrived amidst a wave of excitement, making him perhaps the most hyped rookie in BIG3 history.

Initially, the team displayed flashes of brilliance, showcasing the justified hype surrounding Beasley. However, they encountered growing pains as they adapted to playing together. But as the season progressed, a breakthrough occurred. They found their rhythm, orchestrating beautiful ball movement and maximizing Beasley's talents within the framework of FIREBALL3 rules.

Regrettably, this renaissance for 3's Company arrived too late to salvage their season. Finishing with a 3-3 record, they narrowly missed out on qualifying for the playoffs. Nevertheless, if they can maintain the form they exhibited during the latter part of the season, 3's Company possesses the potential to transcend mere playoff contention. They could emerge as formidable contenders vying for the coveted championship in the upcoming 2023 season.