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Aliens - BIG3 Summer of Fire 2023

Dusan Bulut Captain
Tomislav Ivosev Co-Captain
Kostja Mushidi Co-Captain
Janis Timma Player
Alonzo Gee Player
Rick Mahorn Coach

After a challenging 2-4 season in 2021, the Aliens embarked on a remarkable team-building strategy never before witnessed in the realm of BIG3. Captain Dusan Bulut, along with Co-Captains Karlis Lasmanis and Tomislav Ivosev, brought their extensive experience from the illustrious FIBA 3x3 circuit, where they had achieved tremendous success at the highest international level. Complementing their skills were the explosive big man Deshawn Stephens and the versatile swingman Adam Drexler.

Doubts naturally arose: Could their accomplishments in FIREBALL3 match their previous achievements? Would their audacious challenge to the BIG3's status quo yield fruitful results? The resounding answers were affirmative on both accounts.

The Aliens introduced an unprecedented level of ball and player movement to FIREBALL3, leaving the rest of the league initially scrambling to adapt. Once the competition caught up, the Aliens showcased their versatility, seamlessly transitioning to a more "traditional" style of FIREBALL3. This transformation owed much to the exceptional performances of DeShawn Stephens, who enjoyed a breakout season and emerged as one of the league's most impactful big men on both ends of the court.

As the 2023 season approaches, the Aliens retain their distinct European flair. DeShawn Stephens has departed for Tri State, making way for the Latvian swingman Janis Timma. Seasoned BIG3 veterans Will Bynum and Tony Criswell complete the revamped roster.

Coach Rick Mahorn's bold gamble on this new direction paid off handsomely last season, reaping substantial rewards. Now, the question looms: Can the Aliens ride this wave of success all the way to the summit of the BIG3 mountain? The answer awaits, as anticipation builds for the forthcoming season—a season that holds the promise of unprecedented triumph for the Aliens.