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Bivouac - BIG3 Summer of Fire 2023

Gerald Green Captain
Corey Brewer Co-Captain
Garlon Green Co-Captain
John Jordan Player
Ryan Hollins Player
Gary Payton Coach

With a challenging 0-6 season in 2021, Bivouac made a bold decision to undergo a complete roster overhaul ahead of the 2022 season—a decision that has proven to be astute. The team showcased remarkable improvement throughout the year, laying a solid foundation for their upcoming summer campaign.

Stepping into the role of Captain was none other than Gerald Green, a seasoned NBA veteran known for his extraordinary leaping ability and impeccable shooting stroke. Green's prowess on the court has been evident throughout his career, and he wasted no time asserting himself as one of the league's premier players. Joining him on the perimeter are his brother Garlon, the tenacious Corey Brewer, and the talented BIG3 rookie guard John Jordan.

Bolstering the team's roster is the addition of BIG3 veteran Ryan Hollins, whose imposing size, length, and leaping ability continue to make him an unstoppable force around the rim.

Just two years after undergoing a complete transformation, Bivouac has emerged as a team brimming with talent, poised for a serious playoff run. Guiding this resurgence is the seasoned Coach Gary Payton, whose wealth of experience ensures that the team is led in the right direction.

Bivouac's journey is one marked by resilience and determination, as they rise from the ashes of their previous struggles. With a roster teeming with skill and an accomplished coach at the helm, the stage is set for Bivouac to make a resounding statement in pursuit of their aspirations.