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Tri State - BIG3 Summer of Fire 2023

Jason Richardson Captain
Justin Dentmon Co-Captain
Deshawn Stephens Co-Captain
Ray Nixon Player
Devin Ebanks Player
Julius "Dr. J" Erving Coach

The 2022 season was a rollercoaster ride for Tri State. They burst out of the gates with exceptional three-point shooting, but their heavy reliance on outside shots proved to be a double-edged sword. When their shots stopped falling, their season hit a rough patch, culminating in a 3-3 record and an absence from the postseason.

Led by Team Captain Jason Richardson, known for his electrifying dunks and deadly outside stroke, Tri State's core remains intact. Alongside Richardson, swingman Ray Nixon and Co-Captain Justin Dentmon add their considerable skills to the mix. Nixon brings unwavering reliability, while Dentmon compensates for his stature with an uncanny ability to make jaw-dropping shots, including his signature one-footed three-pointer.

This season, Tri State welcomes new additions to their ranks. The hyper-athletic forward, Devin Ebanks, injects a burst of athleticism into the team, while DeShawn Stephens, who garnered attention as a breakout star with the Aliens, brings his two-way dominance as one of the league's top big men. With Tri State's already lethal shooting prowess combined with Stephens' commanding presence in the paint, they possess the ingredients necessary for a championship run.

Keep a close eye on Tri State as they unleash their offensive firepower. With a dynamic blend of shooting, athleticism, and versatile playmaking, Tri State aims to rise to the top of the BIG3 hierarchy. As they integrate their new acquisitions, the team's championship aspirations burn brighter than ever.