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Triplets - BIG3 Summer of Fire 2023

Joe Johnson Captain
Jeremy Pargo Co-Captain
Jannero Pargo Co-Captain
Damien Wilkins Player
Larry Sanders Player
Lisa Leslie Coach

Since the arrival of Captain Joe Johnson in the BIG3, opposing teams have struggled to find answers against the lethal combination of "Iso-Joe" and the esteemed Hall of Fame Coach Lisa Leslie, renowned for her ability to run a tight ship. Johnson's impact was immediate, securing the BIG3 MVP Award in his first two seasons in the league, solidifying his status as one of its greatest players.

However, Johnson's quest for a three-peat was abruptly interrupted when he took a hiatus from the BIG3 during the 2022 season. Without the presence of one of the league's premier talents, the Triplets faced difficulties, finishing with a 2-4 record and failing to qualify for the playoffs.

Fortunately for the Triplets and unfortunately for their competitors, Iso-Joe is set to make his return in the 2023 season. Determined to reclaim his title as the league's best player, Johnson is poised to make a resounding impact once again. Alongside him, the Triplets boast a veteran roster comprising the sharp-shooting Pargo Brothers, the formidable shot-blocker Larry Sanders, and the reliable presence of Damien Wilkins.

While 2022 proved to be a challenging year for the Triplets, the return of Johnson to the court, coupled with Coach Leslie's expert guidance, positions the team as a formidable contender for another BIG3 Championship. With their collective experience and undeniable talent, the Triplets have the potential to once again hoist the coveted BIG3 Championship trophy.

As the 2023 season unfolds, all eyes will be on the Triplets and their formidable roster. Will Johnson's return propel them to greatness once more? With Coach Leslie's strategic acumen and a roster that blends experience, shooting, shot-blocking, and stability, the Triplets are poised to make a resounding statement in their pursuit of another championship. The stage is set for the return of Iso-Joe, and the Triplets are ready to reignite their championship aspirations in the BIG3.