Affiliate Program

FITE Affiliate Program is a partnership program for customer referral whereby the partner shares a link with their audience and earns rewards for all users directed and registered to FITE from this link. The program is best fit for partners with sports-related community websites, blogs, and outlets, and sports celebrities.

Earn $1 for each viewer you refer to FITE and $1 for each purchase they make.

How it works:


We give you a unique URL that you post on your website, newsletter, or social.


The link directs your customers to download the FITE app.


You get paid for each customer that signs up with FITE.

Program benefits:

Make money

For each new user that comes from this link and signs up with the FITE app, we give you credit that you may either use to advertise your service on the FITE network or get paid in cash for each converted user.

You get $1 cash-back for every new registered user and $1 for every purchase on the FITE network made by a user coming from you. You may want to post the URL on your mobile inventory in order to direct users to FITE download page and get more installs (hence, revenue) as a result.

Get promotion

You can choose to spend your earned credit for advertising on FITE and promote your service to a very targeted audience of combat sports fans and practitioners around the world. FITE top countries are US (65%), UK, Canada, Brazil and Western Europe.

Value to users

Besides LIVE events, FITE TV programming offers a big video on-demand catalogue including weekly TV tapings that are available to watch completely free. Free Live events are added to our lineup every week. If your community is into combat sports, FITE TV is a great network they’ll enjoy every day.

Real-time reporting

You get monthly reports about referral traffic and new users accumulated over time and purchases. Checks payable on a monthly basis. An Account Manager will help you with the initial setup and will answer your questions.

Referral Tracking

Each user that you refer is assigned a tracking ID that lets us accurately track and report back to you. After a user clicks on the link on your site, they may sign up with FITE immediately or in some time – we’ll credit this to your account either way. You will receive an access to our partner dashboard where you’ll be able to track the number of referrals, converted users and credit accrued under your Referrer ID.

Sample referrals:

Feel free to use any of these referrals or contact us to tailor one for your website. Our marketing team can help you shape this as a partner announcement.

  • Watch combat sports LIVE and on-demand with the FITE TV app. Download free
    FITE TV, your #1 source for all things fighting – MMA, wrestling, boxing and more.
  • Lazy tweet: For all combat sports fans out there, FITE is your app for MMA, wrestling, boxing video. Free download.
  • Creative 1: FITE Ad Creative
  • Creative 2: 300-250

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