Publish on FITE

FITE is a one-stop shop for viewing all combat sports globally including MMA, Professional Wrestling, Boxing, Muay Thai and traditional martial arts.

FITE is based on Flipps Media’s unique patented cloud-to-TV streaming technology which works with 350 million+ connected TVs and 7,000 manufacturer models.  The technology requires no boxes, dongles, cables or TV apps.

  • Make your content easily accessible on millions of TV’s worldwide.
  • FITE provides an enhanced user experience. All programming can be viewed on an Android/Apple smart phone/tablet or any connected large screen television anywhere at any time.
  • This is the next generation of technology for transmission of television programs. FITE makes programs available to fans who do not subscribe to cable or satellite services.
  • One point of contact for programmer to negotiate global distribution and to arrange transmission of your program.
  • Each live program is supported with a comprehensive media marketing program.
  • Customer friendly and trusted transactional partners (Google Play/iTunes) for all pay-per-view events.

“Lets work together and make sure that fans can experience your shows anywhere in the world that has Wi-Fi capabilities. Work with us today and thank me later.”

— Jim Ross, FITE Executive Advisor