TV listings

Eleven Sports USA

Friday 9:00pm EST

Tuff TV
(Seals Communications)

Saturday 10am EST
Sunday 12:30pm EST

The Action Channel
(Luken Communications)

Sunday 8pm EST

Holyfield TV Network
(ILaunch TV)

Saturday 3:00pm EST
Sunday 3:00pm EST

WBGG TV Channel 18/
The Rochester Sports Channel

Saturday 11:30pm Rochester NY

Comcast Channel 379 Detroit

Saturday 3pm EST

Untamed Sports

Wednesday 11:30pm CST
Thursday 4:00pm CST
Friday 9:00pm CST
Sunday 10:00pm

FITE In Focus weekly combat sports magazine airs on the above TV stations via broadcast syndication. For more information, please check your local channel listings.

Each hourly episode features top bouts in MMA, Pro Wrestling, Boxing, Muay Thai and Kickboxing as well as reports, news and interviews coming from FITE’s top contributors and most popular combat sports insiders.

Syndication will introduce FITE a-la-carte programming from top promotions like Ring of Honor Wrestling, Golden Boy Boxing, ACB MMA, Powerplay Kickboxing, Dekada Boxing to a viewing audience from estimated 50m+ households across the country.