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1993 - As told by Lex Luger


The year of 1993 saw the pressures of indictments
befall the WWE, but there was a glimmer of hope
in restoring the image of the P.R. troubled company.
There was a 'narcissistic' heel working the arenas
that would soon become a flag bearing, all-American
hero. And that guy is here to take you back in
time with him.

Lex Luger became the focus of the company as he
led the charge across the US in his famous "Lex
Express" tour bus, as the biggest wrestling federation
in the world sought to polish off its bad press and
attempt to build wrestling's superhero babyface for
the next generation in wrestling. But did it work?

A shoot narcissist...working with Heenan...the turn...
the helicopter...working Yoko...Vince's plans...
the Kliq...drug testing...Luger's edge...
the 'Lex Express' tour...
Plus more...more...