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1995 - As told by Kevin Nash


The WWE would soon feel the explosion of what
has come to be known as the second boom period.
But in 1995, those benefits could not yet be reaped.
Business was down, the B shows were cancelled.
What could turn this around?

Vince hoped it would be a group of guys working
at the top of his card...a group that became known
as the clique. Kevin Nash will take us back to '95
when the kliq was formed, and he was given
the strap. But was he REALLY Vince's "guy?"
Join Kevin for a journey into this pivotal year as
the kliq solidified their stranglehold on the WWE.

Shawn Michaels' mouth...Bret...Diesel's run...
formation of the kliq...Hunter arrives...
Nitro airs...Lex at the mall...ECW gets big...
influencing Austin...Shane Douglas makes Dean...
the clique calls a meeting with Vince...

plus MORE...