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302 Wrestling: February 6th


This card featured Ethan Carter III from TNA Wrestling. He teams with the Funky White Boy to take on Dirty Sonny Deeds and Kindred Kymari. Ricky Reyes from Lucha Underground, J.J. Dillon and a six man scramble!
1. Ricky Reyes from Lucha Underground was also on the card as he takes on BLK Jeez.
2. The Second Generation Giant, Big Sean Studd takes on Franco Varga.
James J. Dillon was in attendance signing autographs
3. PJ Parker takes on Bam Bam Browning
4. Hell Cats vs The Hotlanta Hustlers
5. 410 Massiv vs Pretty Ugly
6. Joe Kerr vs Travis Banks in a street fight
7. Sera Feeny vs Debbie Kane and a six man scramble!

Selected Screenshots