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Barry Darsow (WWF Demolition Smash) Documentary Interview


30 Min Exclusive (includes timecodes): Raw interview from The Ivan Koloff: The Russian Bear wrestling documentary. We sat down w/ Barry Darsow (aka Demolition Smash from WWF) for an in-depth analysis of his former tag-team partner and mentor, "The Russian Bear" Ivan Koloff. For the 1st time, Title Match Wrestling is releasing the entire Barry Darsow interview raw and uncut. Enjoy reliving classic moments from 80s, highlights from Florida and NWA Wrestling; from highest successes and the backstabbing backstage, Barry Dawsow gives an eye-opening look at the life of a traveling wrestler. Check out Ellbow Productions' official Ivan Koloff documentary: The Russian Bear today!

00:07 the name Ivan Koloff
00:25 going to NWA
2:09 why the NWA?
3:15 Barry Darsow & Nikita Koloffs styles
4:18 "they really believed we were the bad guys"
5:48 build-up vs the Rock n' Roll Express
6:21 working w/ Ivan & Nikita Koloff in 6 man tags
6:58 wrestling R'n'R everywhere
8:29 how the tag match became the main event
9:16 different roles in the group
10:56 Barry's injury
11:55 best of 7 series Mangum & Nikita
13:06 learning from Ivan on the road/outside ring
13:58 impact of Magnum's injury
15:16 how different it could have been if Magnum TA wasn't injured
16:14 when Nikita turned face
16:44 more R'n'R & Jim Crockett is a liar?
24:12 done w/ NWA – headed to WWF
26:19 Demolition ideas – was Ivan going too?
26:58 did you keep close w/ Ivan when in WWF?
27:53 Should Ivan Koloff be in the WWE Hall of Fame?
28:23 what does the name Ivan Koloff mean to you?
30:22 how important was Ivan?
30:17 why Ivan was the toughest guy in wrestling

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