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EPW Goldrush


March 18, 2017. EPW "Goldrush". Cyril Jackson Rec Centre. Bassendean, WA

A momentous kicked off at Bodyslam Central when the EPW locker room were

out to settle grudges and chase championships.

Gavin McGavin has been preaching he is the greatest EPW Coastal Champion

since winning the inaugral rumble at ReAwakening 15, while he brought the

belt over east and successfully defended it, his first defense in an EPW

ring against Alex 'AK47' Kingston was met with a controversial end due to

McGavin getting himself disqualified. At Goldrush McGavin goes up against

a dark horse competitor 'The Big Rig' Scotty Ryan, a man who has not

managed to gain a championship during his tenure at EPW but is determined

to add the Coastal Championship to the growing collection of Generation Zero.

2016 was a phenominal year for Logan Grey, a man who had done the unthinkable

it winning the Invitational Tournament for two consecutive years but also

cashing in his number one contendership against 'The Messiah' Davis Storm to

become the new EPW Champion. After his challenger was determined at Hot

Summer's Night, Logan must face off against Storm in his first defense of

his title, this time however Storm is fresh, angry and looking to not only

take back his championship but also met out retribution on the current champion.

Can Logan overcome not only Storm but the numbers game of his Solution cohorts

or will the Messiah's arm be raised in victory?

The ExPats v Team BAE


Gavin McGavin (c) v 'The Big Rig' Scotty Ryan

'The World Beater' Damian Slater v Julian Ward v Jay Taylor

Kiel Steria v Taylor King

Marcius Pitt v Alex 'AK47' Kingston


Generation Zero v The Solution


Ryan Allan v Del Cano v Taca v 'The Natural' Cal Cousins


Logan Grey (c) v 'The Messiah' Davis Storm