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Jeff Jarrett: King of the Mountain (Pt. 1)


TNA Wrestling founder Jeff Jarrett has become a legend in professional wrestling both inside and outside the ring. In this four-part set, IMPACT Wrestling chronicles the life and story of Jeff Jarrett: King of the Mountain. See it all as Jarrett begins his career, talks about starting the company and endures a major family tragedy, plus rare unreleased matches from Jeffs early days. Part 1 features Jeff Jarrett and the first ever TNA Pay-Per-View, Jeff Jarrett vs. Scott Hall (2002), Jeff Jarrett vs. Ron Killings (2002), Jeff Jarrett, [[Dusty Rhodes]] & The Road Warriors vs. Vince Russo, Low Ki, Chris Daniels & Elix Skipper (2003), Jeff Jarrett vs. AJ Styles (2003), Jeff Jarrett vs. Raven (2003) and Jeff Jarrett & Sting vs. Sean Waltman & AJ Styles (2003).