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Kirk Aubé Shares His Thoughts on Quinzou and Remi Petit


Kirk Aubé is planning on defeating Remi Petit on September 7th. X-ile has been a thorn in Remi Petit's side for a long time. Remi wanted to take on both members of X-ile, but was given a one on one match against Aubé instead. Aubé has insisted that X-ile is fine, just like his partner Shane Stephens, but there has been some undeniable conflict.

Aubé has said he detests Acadian culture, despite being Acadian, and he has enjoyed seeing Remi Petit snap. Is Kirk playing a dangerous game with Remi? When the Beast of Acadie is unleashed, will Aubé be able to stand up to his wrath? Find out on September 7th at the Moncton Lions Club!

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Here is the whole announced card:

Loser Leaves Town
Mike Hughes vs. Charlie Winston

Mixed Tag Team Match
Brody Steele & Ally Zwicker vs. Titus & Maddison Miles

Anagance Bull Rope Match
Kris Hicks vs. James Liberty

IHW Television Championship
Greaser vs. Brian MacKay

Remi Petit vs. Kirk Aubé

Mega Pass Open Challenge
Julien Young vs. ???

Mega Pass Open Challenge
Ryan Storm vs. ???

Jasmine Hawkes vs. Chantal

Event Page:

Tickets can be purchased Parlour Pawn & and on Eventbrite!


This is one show you don't want to miss!

Missed the last show? Want to know what happened with Maddison Miles, and how she ended up aligned with Titus? Watch this video here:



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