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Kris Hicks isn't going to be disregarded


On November 30th at the Moncton Lions Club, the match between Kris Hicks and the IHW Television Champion Greaser for the television title, is getting personal. Hicks has taken exception to Greaser's remarks, and has continued this war of words.


Front row tickets are almost sold out! So make sure you get yours soon! You don't want to miss this one!

We will also be taking donations for CTV Christmas Daddies Telethon, and will be presenting it to them the very next day on TV!

Also on the card:

Mike Hughes vs. Titus for the IHW World Heavyweight Championship in a Barbed Wire Steel Cage Match! Winner takes all. Will Titus finally get what's coming to him? Will Mike Hughes be able to hold the IHW World Heavyweight Championship again? This is one show you don't want to miss. LIVE at the Moncton Lions Club on November 30th, Titus and Mike Hughes go to war one last time in a FITE Taping!

Greaser vs. Kris Hicks for the IHW Television Championship!

Ryan Storm vs. Julien Young in a grudge match!

Remi Petit vs. James Liberty

X-ile is not fine!
Kirk Aubé vs. Dragon-X Shane Stephens

Jasmine Hawkes, Chantal, Lilah Dare, Wraith, and much more to be announced!

Tickets available locally at Wize Guyz Riverview, The Comic Hunter (Moncton), and at the Moncton Lions Club!

Or online at Eventbrite:


Who will walk out champion? Find out on November 30th! Don't miss it!

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