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Reflections with Ricky Steamboat

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In every industry or sport you always have your standouts. The men or women that seem to be naturally gifted for their craft that everything they do seems so flawless, so effortless. Professional wrestling is no different as it has seen its share of
legends grace the squared circle. There are the individuals that have stood the test of time, held championship gold, and those whos careers would eventually see them land in the hall of fame. Then there are the rare group that walk above it all. The few
who carved out a legacy impossible to duplicate. Regardless of how long a sport has been around or how many countless number of athletes have come and gone, to be truly remembered as one of the greatest performers to ever live comes our way only
a few times in a generation. Gracing the chair of Reflections was just such a man. It was with great honor and undeniable excitement that we got to sit and discuss the career, the prestige, and the legacy of none other that Ricky "the Dragon" Steamboat.