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Shoot interview with Eric Bischoff April

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Driven, motivated, smart, self made, determined, entrepreneur are just a few adjectives to describe one of the most powerful wrestling minds of the 90's who changed the wrestling landscape forever. He was the only man in the history of the business to give Vince McMahon a true run for his money with his vision and over a period of time beat him at his own game!!!! RF VIDEO is happy to announce that we filmed one of the most enlightening and comprehensive interviews in the history of our company with former president of WCW, Eric Bischoff. You have heard the stories from the workers who were in WCW, you heard the stories from the competition as they wanted to distort the truths, now hear it from the man who lived it and created his legacy as Eric Bischoff sits down with RFVIDEO for 5 hours and tells his side of the story on how he rose from just an announcer in the AWA to becoming one of the most powerful men in the business!!!