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The Outlaw: Dan Hardy Documentary (Official Director's Cut) UFC / MMA

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Directed | Shot | Edited by Ian McFarland (twitter@Ian_McFarland )
© McFarland and Pecci LLC.
Professional MMA fighter Dan Hardy is 'the Outlaw'. He lives the life of a fighter and stands apart inside and outside the ring. He gets paid to beat people up and he loves every minute of it but Hardy finds himself at a crossroads as things build to the next fight. Hardy will make anyone regret ever challenging him...but what happens next? Dan "The Outlaw" Hardy has lost his last four fights. On Saturday May 26th, 2012 he will fight for his career.

The views expressed in this film do not necessarily reflect those of Zuffa LLC, The UFC or UFC partners.

Directed | Shot | Edited by Ian McFarland
Produced by: McFarland & Pecci
Original Music Score | Ed Grenga Additional Music | Jeff Lockhart Assistant
Colorist -- Tony Fernandez
Audio Mixing & Mastering -- Nathan Bice & Bice Grip Recordings
Associate Producer - Elizabeth Holloway
Camera support supplied by Zacuto

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