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The RCWR Show Episode 623-Sucks to be in Cleveland or Bailing on WWE


11/2/2018: Lee Sanders of The RCWR Show is back at the helm covering the latest in wrestling, entertainment, and beyond!
-Lee gives props to Dark Dragunn and TK for filling in on WWE Evolution Aftershow
-Thoughts on Ty Lue being fired as Cleveland Cavilers Head Coach after 0-6 start
-Speaking of Cleveland...How bout those Browns? Takeway on Hue Jackson and Todd Hailey being axed from Cleveland Browns and why if you're a prospect seeking opportunity you may want to think twice about going to the Browns.
-Lee's overall thoughts on WWE Evolution
-Lee gives great praise for Charlotte Flair vs Becky Lynch at WWE Evolution as it was the greatest Womens PPV Match in WWE PPV History that featured women on the card.
-Mark Henry on if John Cena and Daniel Bryan should work Crown Jewel event analysis
-A candid Hulk Hogan admits to holding down younger talent throughout his career
-Jerry Lawler makes his own funeral arrangements, plot and all!
-Scarlett Bordeaux receives her 1st inappropriate pic on social media and isn't impressed
-Jeff Jarrett loses a hair vs. hair match at AAA Heroes Inmortales on Sunday night. Jarrett lost the match to Dr. Wagner Jr. and as result is B-A-L-D, bald!
-Cody Rhodes: "I'm not coming back to WWE".
-Roman Reigns announced for AZ Comic Con in January 2019
-Lee follows up on Sasha Banks silly rumors as she finally sets the record straight
-Vince McMahon And The Rock Included On The Variety500 List

Selected Screenshots