1997 - As told by Jim Cornette


9 months ago




Pro Wrestling




Universally regarded as one of the greatest shoot interviews
ever, Cornette leads us on another journey into 1997.
RAW is going live every week. The Shawn and Bret
situation is reaching its boiling point. Bad news from
Pillman's hotel. 1997 is the year that will set up the
big boom period to follow, as Austin, The Rock, and
Undertaker were getting set to ignite the business.

And our guest for this tour is none other than the most
outspoken shoot DVD guest ever, Jim Cornette. Jim was
working WWE creative in '97 so you have unprecedented
access to every meeting, locker room fight, and TV taping
there was. And Cornette brings his WWE agent journal
along just to make sure he gets every detail right!!!

Shawn and Bret...the Sable mess...the birth of Austin...
Russo's role is solidified...Kevin Dunn cries...
Vader's nose...inside the writing meeting...
Montreal in November...Effects of the curtain call...
One night in ECW...Chyna...Pillman dies...


1997 - As told by Jim Cornette

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