2017 Canadian Boxing Championship: Session 5, Red Ring


For the second time in the history of the Canadian Championship, 2017 will once again regroup the Junior, Youth and Elite categories under the same roof.

*With the purchase of this event you automatically get access to the Blue Ring event in Session 5.

51KG - Mandy Bujold vs. Kassandra O'Reilly
51KG - Jessica Brugess vs. Bianca Paquin
56KG - Giovan Mathieu Major vs. Eric Basran
56KG - Blake McPhee vs. Thomas Blumenfeld
60KG - Caroline Veyre vs. Odile Letellier
60KG - Laury Gervais vs. Deedra Chestnut
64KG - Arthur Biyarslanov vs. Jagdeep Seehra
64KG - Thomas Tordoff vs. Wyatt Sanford
64KG - Zachary Fleurant vs. Mazlum Akdeniz
64KG - Mark Smither vs. Carl Poirier
69KG - Myriam da Silva vs. Amber Groome
69KG - Marie-Pierre Houle vs. Marie-Jeanne Parent
75KG - Nikita Abbott vs. Natalie Fagan
75KG - Kingsley Alexander vs. Tristan Brooks
75KG - Terrell Pelletier vs. Daniel Ryan
91KG - Michael Markram vs. Jean Nicolas Legare
91KG - Bryan Colwell vs. Karl Beaulieu

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Bell Time

Apr 27, 7PM ET/4PM PT




Lifetime replay included




Hotel Hilton Québec, 1100 René-Lévesque Est Quebec City, Quebec G1R 4P3 Canada

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