2017 Canadian Boxing Championship: Session 6, Blue Ring


For the second time in the history of the Canadian Championship, 2017 will once again regroup the Junior, Youth and Elite categories under the same roof.

*With the purchase of this event you automatically get access to the Red Ring event in Session 6.

46KG - Ismail Brahmi vs. Justin Racine
48KG - Naomi Larouche vs. Ariane Gagne
50KG - Esteban Rodriguez vs. Jawad Miakhail
52KG - Emelia Dermott vs. Emy Dallaire
54KG - Nolan Brothers vs. Jordan Cadran
57KG - Axel Rioux vs. Justice Harborne
63KG - Joelle Page vs. Emily Ingersoll
51KG - Christian Zelenco vs. Carrington Harbone
54KG - Deneige Chaffey vs. Niamh McNally
57KG - Stephanie Thibault vs. Alexis Wuersch
64KG - Ashley Rouble vs. Jessica-Jayne Ouellet
75KG - Catherine Deraspe vs. Naomie Pelletier


Bell Time

Apr 28, 1PM ET/10AM PT




Replay starts on May 2 6:33 AM EDT




Hotel Hilton Québec, 1100 René-Lévesque Est Quebec City, Quebec G1R 4P3 Canada

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