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2020 King Of The Death Matches, Day 1
Official PPV Replay

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July 31st, it's a Day 1 of 2020 King Of The Death Matches. Let's see what is ahead!


The main event is No Rope Barbed Wire Carribbean Spider Web Double Hell Deathmatch between "Iron Demon" Shane Mercer vs "The Duke of Hardcore" John Wayne Murdoch!

Flashback Deathmatch - Desert Storm Tai Pei Deathmatch - Barbed wire boards In 2 corners, cactus in 2 corners, pits of hot coals around the ring and "Old Timer" Jeff King against "8-BALL" Eddy Only.

Death from the Above - bundles Of 8ft light tubes hold up mystery boxes, when the tubes are broken the bottom of the box will open, dropping Its contents onto the wrestler below it. Tristen Ramsey and Aero Boy will take place in it!

Barefoot Bad Landing Deathmatch
"Never Say Die" Josh Crabe vs "Pro Wrestling's Jackass" Dale Patricks

Barbed wire madness stairway to hell match
Devon Moore vs Rickey Shane Page

BC Killer vs Eric Ryan in a Glass galore texas deathmatch! For those who doesn't know what it is - it's pits of glass, bundles of tubes, log cabins, panes of glass and Texas death rules!

Fans bring the weapons
SHLAK vs Casanova Valentine

World series of electrified light tubes - ring surronded in pools of lemon juice, salt, rubbing alcohol, pits of insulation and Jimmy Lloys vs Orin Veidt!

Plus non tournament action but a title one!

IWA World TitleI
"Diamond Cut" ACE PERRYZ defends vs "All Balls" KEVIN GIZA vs "The Mini Draw" JAKE CRIST

*lineup is subject to change!

Poster and Selected Action

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