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360 FC 8
Official PPV Replay

* Available in United States
* Included unlimited replays


12. Kalvin Henderson v Bill Cunningham 168 Boxing
11. TJ Brown v Juan Para 154 Boxing
10. Dontail Henson v Solomon Wilson 155 MMA
9. Nolan Norwood v Scott Futrell 180 MMA
8. Adonis Saucedo v Cortavious Romious 145 MMA
7. Jaden Webb v Juan Smith 125 MMA
6. Josh Augustine vs Christian Morgan 150 Kickboxing
5. Donovan Beard v Hunter Clark 205 MMA
4. Kendal Holowell vs Jenna Deatherage 125 Kickboxing
3. Arshion Lee Wade vs Brendan Cadwallader 155 MMA
2. Cody Corbino v Tyler Earnest 170 Kickboxing
1. Trevor Harvey v Andrew Davis 135 MMA

Poster and Selected Action

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