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A7FL Football
Trenton BIC vs Silk City Animals
Official PPV Replay

* Available in the United States
* Included unlimited replays


On April 25th Trenton BIC takes on Silk City Animals live on FITE straight from Asbury Park, New Jersey!

A week after Matt Riddick made headlines and highlights behind center and at wide receiver, he and the Trenton BIC return to action and look to bind up the Silk City Animals.

Riddick will not be alone in his quest to keep the BIC undefeated, as Courage Mozie looks to follow up an 83 yard week two with triple digits in week three. Combined with the skills of Corey Price behind center, the blue and white warriors seem undefeated.

But with critics claiming the undefeated team tend to lose winnable games, can the Animals stifle the BIC's success and snag an unlikely first victory?

We find out in our second A7FL game of the week exclusively on FITE!

Poster and Selected Action

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