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Almighty Fighting Championship 4
Official PPV Replay

* Available in the United States
* Unlimited replay included


New start time: 4:00 pm London time

Pro Main Event
73kg Jack Grant 9-4 ASW v Jordan Miller 15-18 Primitive Gym
Pro Co Main Event
75kg Tony Morgan 3-1 Manchester Predators v Ricardo Franco 1-1 AVT

Main Card
77kg George Mcmanus 4-2 1st Legion v Jonny Brocklesby Gorilla Fight Team 6-3
61kg Danny Stirk 7-2 Team Fulikazan v Callum Macdonald 5-2 Oldham MMA
120kg Michael Parkin 3-0 Dungeon MMA v Scott Jenkinson 3-0 Lockdown MMA
57kg Ben Fahey 4-4 SKA v Jordan Baxter 4-0 UOC MMA
66kg Final Richard Mearns 5-2 BST Northampton v Adam Butterworth 3-3 Charles Martin MMA

84kg Final
Justin Burlinson 12-1 Dungeon MMA v Matthew Hodgson 7-3 AVT
70kg final 4
Kieran Lister 9-3 Dungeon MMA v Steven Hooper 8-3 SBG Manchester
Danny Williams MFA 8-9 v Nicolae Pirogan 4-0 Gorilla Fight Team

57kg Jack Liam Temple 4-2 Allegiance MMA v Abdul Choudary 6-1 SBG Manchester
66kg Oscar Ownsworth 3-1 Steel Evolution MMA v Dom Stringer 5-3 AVT
70kg Przemysław Borowiec 1-0 Fight Ministry v Liam Cann Scramble Academy Leeds/Steppin' Razor Muay Thai
61kg Jack Dean Culshaw 1-1-1 ASW Hemsworth v Myles Richards Independent 1-1
61kg Josh Turner 5-2 Fight Ministry v Adam Cowling 1-2 Gorilla Fight Team
84kg Chris Hill 1-0 ASW Hemsworth v Ashley Gibson 3-10 Halifax Boxing Gym
70kg Adil Hussain 1-2 Notts MMA v Harrison Hillier 1-0 Charles Martin MMA
93kg Momchil Kolev debut ASW Hemsworth v Scott Davies 1-1 Machine MMA
84kg Mikel NB 1-1 Notts MMA v Olly Rix 1-0 UOC MMA
61kg Tyler Wilson debut ASW Hemsworth v Jordan Bedford 0-1 Brothers in Armbars

Poster and Selected Action

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