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Extreme Takeover Thursday, Episode 36
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On this episode of Extreme Takeover Thursday, things go hardcore to kick off the show as we see Vertigo "The Cure" Rivera defend his ARW "Hardcure" Championship in a Fatal 4Way match against the "Lion Heart Brawler" C.J. O'Doyle, The "Insane Inmate", Deathrow Jethro, and the "Prince Of Punk", Shannon Moore. Will the cure be worse than the sickness or will one of the other comepatitors in this match prove that the sickness is worse?

And in our main event, things are going to get hellishly weird as your current reigning and defending ARW Heavyweight Champion, "The Reverend Of Sin" Ryzin defends his championship against the "Warlord of Weird", Sinn Bodhi. This is the first time that these two have faced off one on one, BUT they are not strangers to one another having face each other in tag team action. Will things get weird enough for Sinn to wrestle away the top prize in the company away from Ryzin or will Ryzin prove why he is the Reverend of Sin?

Find out this Thursday at 8 PM ET right here on FITE!

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