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Extreme Takeover Thursday, Episode 62
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This week ARW Extreme Takeover Thursday, It is a night of debuts!!

In our first match, the ever impressive Dee Money makes his ARW debut against ARW mainstay and self proclaimed Future Of Sports Entertainment, Chico Adams. Can Dee show Chico the money or will Chico prove once again why he is a former champion in ARW.

In another of the many debuts occurring on this very special night, we will the cocky upstart "Diamond Of Detroit" Truman Hudson III take on the unpredictable Insane Inmate Deathrow Jethro. All we can say is, we hope Hudson's life insurance premiums are paid up!

And in out main event, it is Three huge debuts as Lilith Grimm, Colby Corino and Dark Shiek all walk their way to the ring to prove that they are the most extreme in this business as they are 3 of the combatants along with the Warlord of Weird Sinn Bodhi as they fight for EXTREME supremacy in a MONSTER'S BRAWL Match. This match has all the makings of violence personified. Who will survive to claim the W?

Find out THIS Thursday at 8 PM ET ONLY on ARW Extreme Takeover Thursday!

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