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Extreme Takeover Thursday, Episode 64
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This week on ARW Extreme Takeover Thursday!

In our first match, it is a first time match as The Nigerian Bear, M'Badu goes one on one with "Pro Wrestling's "Wreck"oning, Diemos for the new ARW Southern Heavyweight Championship. This is the first time these two giants have met in the middle of the ring one on one. What will happen when the Bear meets the "Wreck"oning?

And in our main event, it is a match months in the making as we finally see who the top tag team in ARW is since the championships were vacated. La Sangre (Vertigo & Ramos) think they should be the undisputed champions since they have not been beaten as a team. But on the other side of the ring are KOE - Kings of Evil who also think the same thing. What will happen when these two teams meet in a battle for the ARW Tag Team Championships?

Find out this Thursday at 8pm ET only on ARW Extreme Takeover Thursday!

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