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Battle for Jura
Gala K1 Polish Fight Night - PFN2
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Polish Fight Night 2 "Battle for Jura" is a gala that promises to be really great. In the fight of the evening on the principles of K-1, Paweł Hadaś and Kirył Len will stand in the ring . There will also be a hit of Michał Królik with Bartosz Hass . And Norbert Anzorge, returning to professional fights, will cross the gloves with Damian Bilas, known to MMA .
In "Bitwa o Jura" we will also see a clash: Rafał Kosiarski - Robert Rajewski Junior and Łukasz Szecówkę , Dominik Cinala , Roman Burkacki and a group of young players dreaming about masterly stripes.

Poster and Selected Action

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