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Schools out For Summer
Official PPV Replay

* Available in the United States
* Unlimited replay included


Main Event
PNW Title Rematch
' Wonderful"Zack Winters Faces the man he defeated for the title when he faces The Natural Born Outlaws's Lonestar in a Cole Miners Glove match. After the acts of a desperate champion this match will be one you Dont wanna miss.

Semi-Main Event
With the increasing violence between these two teams Measure 11 made the challenge and after beating the champs in a non title match they got to name the stipulation and its going to be a Dog Collar match. This is going to be nasty...

Tag Team Dog Collar Match
PNW Tag Team Championship
The Freak Show vs. Measure 11

After the countless attacks by the Brandt Dynasty JB Moonshine has finally had enough and wants to get his hands on Brian Armstrong. This TV Title match will be also have a special stipulation. Kevin Brandt is barred from ringside.
JB Moonshine vs Brian Armstrong

Also on this Amazing card

"The Franchise Player " Badd Blood /JustXciting
" The Indie Superstar ".Adan Reyes and Phoenix Kid

Jimmy Boy vs. Darkness

Poster and Selected Action

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