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BKB 27
Gavin Curragh vs Marley Churcher
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Gavin Curragh VS Marley Churcher
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Ionel Levitchi VS Martin Reffell
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Fight Card

Gavin Curragh 13 Marley Churcher
Ionel Levitchi 12 Martin Reffell
Mark Handley 11 Jonny Jones
Eric Olsen 10 Symon Szynkiewicz
Aaron McCallum 9 Beau Besley
Callan Harley 8 Chad Kelly
Patrick Nash 7 Jack McLean
Mason Shaw 6 Lawrence Tracey
Ben Hatchett 5 Robin Deakin
Davey Thomas 4 Steven Evans
Emil Markic 3 Albert Scamp
Marley Churcher 2 Gavin Curragh
Rocky Morgan 1 Carlos Alexandre


On July 23rd BKB 27 is live on FITE straight from Indigo at The O2 in London, UK. The fight card has well over 9 matches and will have Gavin Curragh vs Marley Churcher as main event of the evening, finishing the entire lineup with a bang.

Expect a thrilling event, full of excitement and action! Tune in, order today and watch on FITE!

*fight card subject to change

Poster and Selected Action

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