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BKB 28
Barrie Jones vs Jimmy Sweeney - The Rematch
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Barrie Jones VS Jimmy Sweeney
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United Kingdom Country Ireland
  61% Votes 39%  
Ryan Barrett VS Daniel Podmore
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United Kingdom Country United Kingdom
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Fight Card

Barrie Jones 10 Jimmy Sweeney
Ryan Barrett 9 Daniel Podmore
Martin Reffell 8 Scott McHugh
Jody Meikle 7 Carl Hobley
"One Man Riot"  
Martin Bellamy 6 Dan McGraffin
Sonny Smith 5 Arron McCallum
Russell Pearce 4 Reece Murray
Igor Zebec 3 John Collier
Patrick Nash 2 Callan Harley
Shane Mcphilliben 1 Ruskov Dominguez


On September 2nd BKB 28 is live on FITE+. The event is headlined by the Barrie Jones vs Jimmy Sweeney rematch. Both faced each one this April and Barrie Jones won over by a TKO. Who will come out on top this time and take the title?

Tune in, subscribe today and find out right here on FITE!

*lineup subject to change

Poster and Selected Action

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