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BKFC Fight Night Omaha
Dakota Cochrane vs Josh Dyer
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Dakota Cochrane VS Joshua Dyer
    "Ken Doll"
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Houston Alexander VS Jason Fish
"The Assassin"   "Hook 'em"
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Fight Card

Dakota Cochrane 8 Joshua Dyer
  "Ken Doll"
Houston Alexander 7 Jason Fish
"The Assassin" "Hook 'em"
Sean Wilson 6 Rocky Long
Ryan Braun 5 Jett Jones
Cody Land 4 Will Shutt
Jeff Souder 3 David Simpson
Alonzo Martinez 2 Adalberto Serrano
Carlos Trinidad-Snake 1 Tyler Jacques


On May 13th BKFC Fight Night is live on FITE from Omaha. The fight card is already stacked and has well over 8 matches with Dakota Cochrane vs Josh Dyer as the main event of the evening, finishing the entire card with a bang. Who will come out on top? Watch on FITE and find out!

*fight card subject to change

Poster and Selected Action

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