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Black Sabbath
The End
PPV Replay

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* Included unlimited replays till December 31st, 2020


February 4th 2017 – Black Sabbath took to the stage of Birmingham, the city where it all began, to play the 81st stand final gig of The End Tour - bringing down the curtain on a career that spanned almost half a century.

Black Sabbath is formed in 1968 for their almost 50 years career they manage to create sounds that would form the basis of heavy metal, going on to influence bands all over the world – an influence which is still felt to this day. The End of The End is the story that final, emotionally-charged concert. Fans are taken into the heart of the action, up close and personal with the band on stage as they perform genre-defining hits, from Iron Man to Paranoid to War Pigs. The band Sabbath spends some time in the studio, delivering a unique performance of some of their favourite songs not played on the tour.

This film gives fans an intimate glimpse into the Black Sabbat''s relationships and their banter with each other, with both individual and group recollections from Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Iommi and Geezer Butler. The band's loyal following spans generations and this is the opportunity for fans, young and old, to come together and see the boys from Birmingham doing what they do best, almost 50 years after they started. This is the final word from the greatest metal band of all time. Don't miss it on FITE!

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