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Brave 22
Storm of Warriors
Official Replay

* Available in the United States
* Included unlimited replays
Stephen Loman VS Elias Boudegzdame
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Cian Cowley VS John Brewin
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Fight Card

Stephen Loman 9 Elias Boudegzdame
Cian Cowley 8 John Brewin
Mehmosh Raza 7 Rolando Dy
  "The Incredible"
Jeremy Pacatiw 6 Mark Alcoba
Jayson Margallo 5 Rex De Lara
John Cris Corton 4 Abdul Hussein
Jomar Pa-ac 3 Satya Behuria Behuria
Harold Banario 2 Ariel Oliveros
Jason Vergara 1 Hussain Maki

Poster and Selected Action

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