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Brave 25
Luan Santiago vs Cleiton Silva
Official Replay

* Available in the United States
* Included unlimited replays
Luan Santiago VS Cleiton Silva
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Felipe Efrain VS Matheus Nicolau Pereira
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Fight Card

Luan Santiago 10 Cleiton Silva
Felipe Efrain 9 Matheus Nicolau Pereira
Mehdi Baghdad 8 Erivan Pereira
Djamil Chan 7 Leonardo Mafra Texeira
Bruno Assis 6 Daniel Pereira
Marcel Adur 5 Marlon Derik
Geraldo Coelho 4 Rafael Maquezani
Caio Gregorio 3 Nkosi Ndebele
Flavio Queiroz 2 Jean Felipe
Alex Sandro NC Alessandro Gambulino

Poster and Selected Action

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