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Brave 36
Todd Stoute vs Amilcar Alves
Official Replay

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Todd Stoute VS Cristian Constantinov
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Kevin Ruart VS Ion Surdu
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Fight Card

Todd Stoute 5 Cristian Constantinov
Kevin Ruart 4 Ion Surdu
Suru Bogdan 3 Maciej Gierszewski
Mochamed Machev 2 Ciprian Maris
Bilal Tipsaev 1 Matiss Zaharovs


Brave 36 is live on July 27th from Berăria H in Bucuresti, Romania. MMA fans have quite the event ahead of them! The fightcard has well over 4 matches and will have Todd Stoute vs Amilcar Alves as the Main Event, finishing the entire lineup with a bang!
Expect a thrilling event, full of excitement and action!

Poster and Selected Action

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