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Brave 42
Flyweight Tournament
Official Replay

* Available in the United States
* Included unlimited replays
Jose Torres VS Sean Santella
"Shorty"   "Shorty Rock"
- DRAW -
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5'4" Height 5'5"
United States Country United States
  56% Votes 44%  
Flavio de Queiroz VS Velimurad Alkhasov
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  12% Votes 88%  

Fight Card

Jose Torres DRAW Sean Santella
"Shorty" "Shorty Rock"
Flavio de Queiroz 5 Velimurad Alkhasov
Hamza Kooheji 4 Aidan James
David Jacobsson 3 Ibrahim Mané
Rolando Dy 2 Maciek Gierszewski
"The Incredible"  
Ali Yaqoob 1 Ariz Ahmed


Brave 42 is coming on September 24th with Flyweight Tournament! The contenders in the tournament are: Jose Torres, Sean Santella, Abdul Hussein, Zach Makovsky, Flavio de Queiroz, Velimurad Alkhasov. Who will come out on top? Join FITE and find out!

Poster and Selected Action

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