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Cage 47 Helsinki
Olli Santalahti Vs Konstantin Linnik
Official PPV Replay

* Available in the United States
* Included unlimited replays


Olli Santalahti Vs Konstantin Linnik - 77.1 kg
Aleksi Mäntykivi Vs Kaynan Kruschewsky - 73 kg
Tuukka Repo Vs Orlando D'Ambrosio - 77.1 kg
Jesse Urholin Vs Husniddin Ganiev - 80 kg
Markus Rytöhonka Vs Sten Saaremae - 65.8 kg
Patrik Kapanen Vs Leonardo Casotti - 70.3 kg
Tuomas Gronvall vs Ivan Rats - 64 kg
Joel Arolainen Vs Alar Hutrov - 65.8 kg

Poster and Selected Action

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