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Cage of Honor 79
Ravon Baxter vs Nathan Stearns
Official PPV Replay

* Available in the United States
* Included unlimited replays


Red Corner // Blue Corner

Ravon Baxter Vs Nathan Stearns **MAIN
Ghenadie Bitco Vs Jake Buehler
Steve Needy Vs Tristan Overvig
Allen Brooks Vs Carlos McGee
Willie Henderson Vs Derek Albright
Tray Martin Vs Sebastian Grant
Jimmy Bowen Vs Ethan Rea
Tj McDermott Vs Stephan McGee
Caleb Woodside Vs Aaron Schlosser
Ronald Coleman Vs TBD
Bryan Barkeau Vs Laroy Davis
Tyler Barnes Vs Giovanni Hidalgo
Lisa Gaskins Vs Raven Mosley **Female
Adam Dixon Vs Cody McAllister

Poster and Selected Action

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