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Global Hustle Entertainment
Cinco Boyz and Friends
Official Live Stream

* Available in the United States
* Included unlimited replays


11eleven Networks, in conjunction with Global Hustle Entertainment, Media Spill present a new destination for your travelling pleasure... Long Beach, California, home to some of California's best MC's and Now the launch site of LBC's hardest new collective The Cinco Boys.

Follow us as we take you into a day in the life of The Cinco Boys, as they prepare for one of the hottest shows to date. Including all their special explosive friends and family, they plan to debut new songs and have you banging out to the old classics. In the words of the Cinco Boys vocalist and producer Austin Fowler, "We ain't got what they got ....So What, I'm with my ..... chick we go up!"... and they are set for a fast ride to the top of the music game!


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