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Demolition Fight Series 9
Official PPV Live Stream

* Available in the United States
* Included unlimited replays
Dom Mar Fan VS Harry Webb
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Jesse Medina VS Rodolfo Marques
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Fight Card

Dom Mar Fan 14 Harry Webb
Jesse Medina 13 Rodolfo Marques
Alfred Stoddart 12 Eoin Coughlan
Mal McDowell 11 Michael Alsop
Huss Ibrahimi 10 Alan Nguyen
Ash Rachwalski 9 Winnie Greenhalgh
Finn Vantslot 8 Jahviah Croft
Nate Le-Vin 7 Mitch Henderson
Rob Pelle 6 Terence Tadebois
Bailey Andrews 5 Hanibal Tseggay
Jacob Harrison 4 Aaron Lynch
Michael Karaoglanis 3 Wani Alphonse
Berat Guclu 2 Terrence Nicholson
Tatum Loriente 1 Mietta Stathopoulos


On February 25th Demolition Fight Series 9 is live on FITE straight from Club Italia Sporting Club in Australia. The fight card has well over 14 matches and will have Dom Mar Fan vs Harry Webb as main event of the evening, finishing the entire lineup with a bang!

Tune in, order today and watch right here on FITE!

*fight card subject to change


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