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Denis Lebedev vs Mark Flanagan
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On the 10th of July, boxing fans are in for one of the biggest treats of the summer – the instant classic of WBA Super Cruiserweight Champion Denis Lebedev vs. top ranked cruiserweight contender Mark Flanagan.

Denis Lebedev (29-3, 22 KOs) is one of the best cruiserweights in the world and he's willing to put his WBA Super Cruiserweight belt on the line to prove that. The former IBF champion Lebedev will be looking to make a strong case for himself and his legacy in this upcoming bout so he could get the chance to put even more belts on his waist. Though beating his opponent will not be an easy task to say the least.

Mark Flanagan (22-4, 15 KOs) has won all of his last 11 bouts and 10 of them by knockout. Holding a high WBA rank and having a strong record, Flanagan is a hungry contender who will look on to make Denis Lebedev one of his victims and claim his title in the process.

Fight card:

1. Thai boxing (to 63.5 kg):
Vladimir Kuzmin (5-0 to 3) Ekaterinburg vs Kazuma Madzhima (18-7, 11ko) of Tokyo

2. professional boxing (up to 61, 2 kg):
Zaur Abdullayev (4-0 to 3) Ekaterinburg vs Mao Kavanishi (4-2 to 1), Tokyo

3. Fight rules of MMA (93 kg):
Dmitry Malihin (2-0, 2 ahead) vs Junichiro Okamoto (1-0, 1 ahead of schedule), the Hyogo

4. The battle for the WBO Youth title (up to 61.2 kg):
Muhammadhucha Yakubov (7-0, 4 KOs) of St. Petersburg vs Daiki Ichikawa (9-2 to 7) of Fuji

5. Fight rules of MMA (77 kg):
Vadim Kafarov (4-1, 4 prematurely) Ekaterinburg vs Masayuki Hamagishi (07/03/14, 10 prematurely) g . Kav Saks

6. The battle for the WBO Asia Pacific Youth title (up to 57.2 kg):
Mark Urvanov (10-1, 6 KOs), Pervouralsk vs Jean Miura (9-1, 1 KOs), Tokyo

7. The fight for the title WBA Asia (to 61.2 kg):
Paul Malikov (11-0 to 5) Lyubertsy vs Daiki Kaneko (03/05/26, 18 co) Yokohama

8. battle for WBC Silver title (up to 66, 7 kg):
Dmitry Mihaylenko (22-1, 10 Co) vs Gelengik Kudratillo Abdukahor (11-0 to 8), the Kurgantepa
9. Fight MMA rules (over 93 kg):
Ivan Shtyrkov (10-0, 8 prematurely) Ekaterinburg vs Satoshi Ishi (1.7.15, 7 early) Osaka

10. Fight for WBA world title (to 90.7 kg):
Denis Lebedev (29-3, 22 Co) of Chekhov vs Mark Flanagan (22-4, 15 KOs), the Rasmussen

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