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Night Of Champions
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On November 10th DOA: Night of Champions is airing on FITE! For one night only DOA put all the championships on the line. Witness the DOA debut of former TNA/Impact Wrestling star Hernandez and the first EVER Flat Earth Match!

DOA UK Heavyweight Championship
Brett Semtex vs Danny Darko

DOA Pandemonium Championship
Flat Earth Match
Damien vs Truman Roswell

Pan Arabian Championship
Brad O'Brien vs Hernandez

DOA UK Tag Team Championships
The Wylde Kings (Rexx Wylde & Sullivan King) vs The Lads (Alex Ecco & Ben Jones)

DOA UK Women's Championship
Vanessa vs Shawna Reed

DOA Adrenaline Division Championship
AJ 'Boogie' Benjamin vs Paul Hubris

*lineup subject to change

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